Underlying Rationale Crossword Clue

You can find the Crossword clue for Underlying Rationale below. Underlying Rationale Crossword. This question was asked in the NY Times crossword puzzle. Underlying Rationale expresses the basic idea that supports an idea.

Underlying Rationale Crossword Clue

Underlying Rationale Crossword

Here are a few example sentences for the word Underlying Rationale:

  • Underlying rationale was to achieve higher efficiency and easier parallelization and handling of the system.”
  • “There is, however, another possible underlying rationale for regarding ignorance as a threat to self-government.”
Underlying Rationale Crossword

Answer: BASIS

The word Underlying Rationale is difficult to understand and using it in a sentence is a problem in itself. Underlying Rationale Crossword answer consists of 5 letters. It is very rare to use such words in the everyday sense. I love asking such words in the New York Times crossword puzzle. If you have any suggestions about Crossword Clues, please write to us in the Contact section. See the meaning of Underlying Rationale in the Cambridge dictionary.

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