Hand Grenade Crossword Clue ✍️

The hand grenade is one of the most widely used and most effective weapons in the military. If you came across hand grenade crossword clue, you can find some answers below. If they ask you which slang word is expressed in hand grenade, you can give one of the answers. Hand Grenade Crossword Clue has 2 different answers, one of which is 4 letters and the other is 10 letters.

Hand Grenade Crossword Puzzle Clue

Hand Grenade Crossword Clue

The fruit pineapple can be used as an answer to the Hand Grenade Crossword. It is said so because the shape of the bomb resembles a pineapple. The Hand Grenade may be the most dangerous weapon of war to wield. Pulling the pin on it and throwing it at the enemy can be a bit of a challenge in combat. Hand Grenade 10 letter crossword clue. You can also give this answer as the Hand Grenade daily themed crossword.

Answer: Pineapple

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Hand Grenade Crossword 10 words letters clue

Hand Grenade Slangily Crossword Clue

When asked as Hand Grenade Slang, your answer consisting of 4 letters will be Frag. The word Frag is used in military slang. Frag is an abbreviation for fragmentation grenade. The word is thought to have originated in 1965. Frag is also used as Fragged in a person injured or killed by a grenade.

Answer: Frag

Hand Grenade Slang Crossword 4 words letters clue

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